Design Optimization and Finite Element Analysis of Movable Jib Crane

[Swapnil D. Kurhekar, Rahul Gurpude] Volume 2: Issue 3, Sept 2015, pp 112 - 114
Abstract – The objective of this project is to design the industrial purpose jib crane & its components with the main emphasis on increasing the structural strength without compromising the stability with lighter design. It is aimed to accomplish this by comparing the national / international standard codes available on design of jib crane with the Finite Elements based designs. The achievable / reasonable transformations /amendments in some of the jib crane components shall be analyzed by statics analysis element Cranes are transport machines, which generally used in heavy machinery industry, shipyards, seaports, warehouses and construction sector. There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration when a crane being designed. Most important factors are; own weight of the crane, the weight of the bulk which has to be transported and the dynamic loads which occur during the movements.

Index Terms- Jib crane, finite element analysis, optimization
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