An Analytical Study of Contact Stress and Contact Zone Analysis of Ball Bearings

[H. K. Dubey, S. P. Lokhande, P. M. Sirsat, S. Sontakke] Volume 2: Issue 4, Dec 2015, pp 162 - 165
Abstract: This paper reports Contact Stress and Contact Zone Analysis of Ball Bearings using Analytical method. The different combinations of ratios of its outer radius and inner radius i.e. (R2, R1) and the elasticity of the material E1, E2 have been considered to investigate the compressive stresses (P0), and the contact zone (a) on the surfaces of the ball bearing. Analytical method is applied for the analysis of both spherical and cylindrical type of Ball Bearing Cavity. The results are compared between both type of bearings and final interpretation has been made.

Keywords: Contact Stress, Contact Zone, Analytical method, Ball Bearing.
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