Finite Element Analysis of Laminated Crane Hook Used for Lifting Ladles

[Sunil J. Tiwari, Ajay Mahawadiwar] Volume 3: Issue 1, March 2016, pp 1 - 3
Abstract – The paper imparts an idea about the design of laminated crane hook used for lifting ladles in steel melting shop. It is an attempt to optimize self weight of hook by taking care that the sudden or complete failure of hook should not occur as it may lead to human casualty. With respect to the design of laminated hook, FEA technique is used to optimized and reduce weight of hook. An improved redesign of hook is prepared in 3-D modeling and the results are compared with 3-D Basic model. The redesign results found satisfactory with less stress value and shows reduced weight of hook.

Index Terms-Crane hook, FEA, Stress analysis.
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