Design and Fabrication of Paddy (Rice) Transplanting Machine

[Sanket V. Balbudhe, Dipak H. Baghele, Dipak N. Shirke, Mayur C. Gaikwad, Pratik S. Bobde, Umeshkumar G. Bisen, Prof. H. M. Bansod] Volume 3: Issue 1, April 2016, pp 9 - 12
Abstract—Agriculture is the most important sector of the Indian economy. It is the most important source of employment for the majority of the work force in the country. A major population in India is engaged in agriculture. Among that highest percentage was in paddy sector. Rice is the major stable food of the country. Releasing of work force to sectors other than agriculture, it is important to develop the country. To release the work force in paddy sector mechanization plays a big role. To feed growing population is a huge challenge. Mechanization of paddy sector will lead to higher productivity with releasing of work force to other sectors. The objective of this project is to design a paddy transplanting mechanism to transplant paddy seedlings by small scale farmers in the country. 

Index Terms—Paddy transplanter , planting of rice.
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