Experimental Analysis of Natural Convection Heat Transfer on Different Types of Fins

[Suvarna A. Patil, Dattatray A. Chopade, Ashish N. Sarode, Rajesh V. Dahibhate] Volume 4: Issue 3, Sept 2017, pp 

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.3.4.20170905

Abstract- The process of increasing heat transfer rate from surface whenever it is not possible to increase  temperature difference between surfaces, commonly known as fins, often offer an economical and trouble free solution in many situations demanding natural convection heat transfer. They find aptness not only in electronic equipment’s but also in important areas like electrical transformers, heat exchanger, chemical processing system etc. As proper heat dissipation results in saving of power and lessen chances of overheating problems, perforation are made on the fins. Perforated fin improves heat transfer rate collate to solid fin by varying the different parameter like shape of perforation, diameter of perforation and number of perforation. Moreover notches of different aspect ratio have also been analyzed for the purpose of contrast and optimization. In a lengthwise short array where the single chimney flow pattern is present, the central portion of fin flat becomes futile due to the fact that, already heated air comes in its contact. In the present study, the fin flats are modified by deposing the central fin portion by cutting a triangular, rectangular and unnotch. This  report presents  an experimental setup developing for studying the investigation on normal and inverted notched fin arrays .Attempts are made to establish a comparison between the experimental results and results obtained by using Ansys software.

Index terms- Ansys Simulation, Optimization, Heat Transfer, Notches, Natural convection

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