Biodiesel Preparation from Neem Oil and Performance on Its Blend

[S.P. Kadu, Rohan J. Babar, Somnath C. Ugale, Mahesh Y. Tale, Akshay  V. Survase] Volume 6: Issue 2, May 2019, pp 70 - 74  

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.2.6.20190408

Abstract These research deals with the preparation of neem oil Biodiesel. This paper mainly involves two-step transterification. The transterification process transforms neem oil into methyl esters. The significant properties of the biodiesel such as flashpoint, viscosity, calorific value, density are compared with the diesel. The viscosity of biodiesel oil is closer to diesel and the calorific value is about 15% less than diesel. This thesis supports the Neem oil biodiesel optimum production of neem oil and then studying engine performance using the biodiesel blends mix with diesel. A four stroke variable compression ratio single cylinder compression ignition engine was used to measure performance parameters. Biodiesel added to the diesel  at four different volume concentrations i.e. 10, 20, 30 and 40% of biodiesel. Based on the analysis of performance the biodiesel blend B20 was found optimum for the most efficient operation of the engine.

Index terms - Biodiesel, Neem oil, Esterification, free fatty acid, pretreatment, transterification, Compression ratio.
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