Design and Implementation of Automatic Water Distribution System with Pre-paid and Post-paid Facility

[Vivekanand P. Thakare, Saurabh shinde, Rajat hadge, Akshay chawale, Mohit swami, Amit turak, Rahul singh] Volume 6: Issue 1, March 2019, pp 8 - 11  

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.1.6.20190303

Abstract Municipal Corporation Water Distribution System is manual and has no system to monitor the consumption of water. Each individual have their own capacity for usage of water but everyone have to pay same amount for their consumption. And if any person fails to pay water bill then there is no such system which can restrict the water supply to their houses. According to study, there is a case where one family gets water supply for 1 hr/day and another family gets 24 hours water supply. There is no system that can monitor the flow of water and consumption of water.  The “Prepaid and Post-paid Water Distribution Controller” been developed to override the problems prevailing in the existing manual system. This system is designed for the municipal corporations to carry out drinking water operation in smooth and effective manner. Water Distribution Controller is the system which can control the usage of water according to the bill payment by the user.

Index terms - Water supply system, IOT, water level sensor, flow sensor, solenoid valve, GSM 800.

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