Experimental Analysis Of Hydraulic Oil Cooler By Application Of Heat Pipe

[K.S.Rambhad, Amit N. Borugale, Shubham N. Khandre, Akshay S. Kale, Aniket P. Shinde] Volume 6: Issue 2, May 2019, pp 49 - 52 

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.2.6.20190409

Abstract The thought of heat pipe is effectively utilized in in mechanism. The heat  pipe device has less maintenance price, house and running price. The heat  pipe equipped hydraulic oil cooler uses heat pipe module includes of a base metal block with oil channels machined on the highest face of metallic element block on that top plate is fitted. The heat  pipe wont to transfer the heat from the new oil to the encircling air through fins is press fitted within the cavity of this metal block. The heat  pipe evaporator section is in direct contact with hot oil whereas the condenser section of the heat pipe is fitted within the circular cavity in the spiral radial fin structure. The spiral fins act as heat improvement technique as they provide most expanse.

Index terms - Heat Pipe, Hydraulic system, Effectiveness, Capacity ratio.
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