Manufacturing of Nylon 6, 6 Nanofibers using Electrospinning

[Nand Jee Kanu, Sachin S. Chavan, Gajanan V. Jadhav, Nitin S. Hude, Rahul P. Ganesh, Jivan T. Patil] Volume 6: Issue 2, May 2019, pp  67 - 69

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.2.6.20190404

Abstract In the following paper manufacturing of nylon6,6 nanofibers using electrospinning and its experimental work is presented. Nanofibers were manufactured by electrospinning its solution. Fibers diameter  were determined by electron microscope. The solvent used in the electrospinning solution of formic acid under the electric field of 22kv with flow rate of 0.4ml/hr. distance between syringe and drum 13cm. For 25ml of formic acid-3.6 grams of nylon 6,6 was used, without altering room conditions.

Index terms - Characterization, Electrospinning, Nylon 6,6
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