Design and Analysis of a Vertical Pressure Vessel with Effect of Rotational Velocity on the Stresses and Deformation by using ANSYS

[Abdulfatai, A. Faro, Kazeem, K, Salam, Edith, E. Alagbe] Volume 6: Issue 3, Sept 2019, pp  110 - 120

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.2.6.20190702

Abstract In this study, the suitability and influence of Rotational Velocity (RV) on the operating conditions of a vertical Pressure Vessel (PV) was investigated. A vertical PV was designed and analyzed with the aid of ANSYS. Effect of eight different parameters on the performance of the designed PV was analyzed. The results obtained from designed PV using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was validated by comparing it with that obtained from Manually Computed Method (MCM) and Utilization Factor (UF) method. The results of this investigation show that the designed PV was safe within the specified operating condition, the FEA results are more accurate than that of MCM and presence of RV affected the stress distribution and deformation of the PV.
Index terms - Vertical pressure vessel, ANSYS.
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