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Aims & Objectives

          The International Journals provided by RAME Publishers (Research Association of Masters of Engineering) with a forum to present the interaction between the complementary aspects of design and analysis, computational methods, experimental techniques, computer and electronics advantage and to stress the importance of their harmonious development and integration. The aim of journals are to become an effective medium for inspiring the innovators and researchers to bring out their contributions in the form of research papers, articles, case studies, review articles and innovations in the fields of engineering, science and technology. 

             The journals aim to find researchers the way of analysis in engineering and technology using various techniques. The dissemination would thus help the industries, professional organizations to adopt and apply the information for creating new knowledge and enterprise. The publication would also help in enhancing awareness about the need to become innovative and research minded. All articles published in the journal will be freely available to scientific researchers and innovators all over the globe. 

RAME Publishers (Research Association of Masters of Engineering)

RAME Publishers (Research Association of Masters of Engineering) is a group of Expert Engineer researchers who's primary motive is to "grow up the knowledge of research to enhance future of engineers”. RAME Publishers can helps the researchers to find articles in various areas of Engineering and share ideas in the form of journal papers.

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