Energy Absorption of Thin Walled Rectangular Aluminium Sections

[Abhimanyu RanjanDr. Gaurav Tiwari] Volume 2: Issue 2, June 2015
Abstract: - In this research, Quasi-static axial compression test is conducted on empty aluminium tubes of rectangular cross-section in order to analyze its energy absorption capacity under different modes of collapse. This test was carried out keeping in mind the cases for aluminium tubes as an energy absorber, when subjected to dynamic forces during accidents or sudden impacts. The process of this experiment was initialized by attaining stress strain curve from the tensile testing of aluminium specimen, which was further used in finite element code ABAQUS for 3D modeling and simulation purpose. Finite element analysis was adopted in this research due to its problem solving vast approaches. Simulations were done on ABAQUS to obtain the results deduced by axial compression of rectangular section. Similar test were performed practically on compression testing machine to verify the observations of computational tests for axial compression and it was found that practical results were is good venture with those of computational. Beside this, efficiency of finite element code was also notified and finite element analysis was proved to be good at identifying the modes of collapse for structures.

Index Terms: - Axial compression, Finite element code, Thin walled section.

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