Design of Automated Pipe Cutting Machine

[P. M. Sirsat, H. K. Dubey, S. P. Lokhande, S. Sontakke] Volume 2: Issue 4, Dec 2015, pp 158 - 161
Abstract- This paper emphasis on the design of automated pipe cutting machine to reduce human efforts for repetitive work of cutter pieces of pipes as well as provides a convenient fixture to support and hold the pipes/rods during cutting operation. To maintain a low cost automation, the pneumatic circuit is designed as compressed air supply is normally available at many workshops. The clamping arrangement can be varied according to need of operations suitable.

The overall machine is compact in size, light weight, modular and flexible to be used in small works jobs that need batch production. The setup overall configuration can be adopted by a semi skilled worker easily and can vary the operations by making certain small changes. The machine even has the potential to add up a PLC system to control its overall work with ease and with less effort provided. This machine has the potential to adopt higher level of automation if desired in future.
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