Design and Fabrication of Semi-automatic Dishwasher Machine

[Bhojraj Padole, Manoj Buche, Abhilash Shinde, Ankit Khobragade, Mangesh Pagote, Madhav Hiratkar, Prof. Prajakta Pimpalkar] Volume 3: Issue 1, April 2016, pp 7 - 8
Abstract—This paper discusses how to reduce human efforts in dishwasher. The dishwasher has made cleaning and drying dishes much easier and more efficient. This paper also discusses the problems faced in usage of Automatic Dishwasher and solutions on those problems. Automatic dishwasher uses large amount of energy, time and is costly. And being costly, the usage of automatic dishwasher in our country is very less. By using semi-automatic dishwasher, time as well as human efforts can be significantly reduced. Also by using plastic material for casing part or galvanize iron, the problem occurs like rusting and staining can be easily removed. By separating assembly in single compartment for washing of dishes, rinsing of dishes and washing of glasses, large amount of work can be done in considerably less time. In conventional dish washing process large amount of human power as well as more amount of water is used. Semi-Automatic dish washer is developed reduce this problems.
Index terms - Motor, steel casing, drain pipe, rack, water jet.
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