A Review on Ergonomic Design and Development of Flywheel in Exercise Equipment for Energy Generation

[Ramkant B. PatilPravin D. Patil, M. P. Mohurle] Volume 4: Issue 3, Sept 2017, pp 48-52

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.3.4.20170904

Abstract: In this present paper the ergonomic design and development of flywheel in exercise equipment is studied. Nowadays in developing countries like India lots of energy crisis are there thus we should be aware about new methods of generating energy to overcome these problems.  Here we are mainly focusing on electricity generation through human power. Properly designed mechanisms are useful to convert these human efforts into electrical energy using ergonomic and tribological considerations. Flywheel is also added in the design so as to minimize human efforts for continuous constant power output..

Index terms – Human power machine, process unit, flywheel, alternator.
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