Concept of Jigs and Fixture Design –A Review

[Ankita Patil, Kishor S. Rambhad, D. R. Bele]  Volume 4: Issue 4, Dec 2017, pp 73-77

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.4.4.20171004
Abstract— Jigs and fixtures setup is utilized to decrease the work stack inside the organization. The jigs and installations are the practical approaches to deliver a part in mass. So jigs and fixtures are utilized and fill in as a standout amongst the most vital office of large scale manufacturing framework. These are extraordinary work holding and device controlling gadget. Nature of the execution of a procedure to a great extent affected by the nature of jigs and fixture is utilized for this reason. What makes an fixtures remarkable is that everyone is worked to fits a specific parts or shape. The fundamental motivation behind an installation is to find and in the cases hold a work piece amid an operation.

Index Terms— fixture, accuracy, clamping, productivity.
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