Development of Mechanism for Removing Excess Laminated Paper

[Mahesh Shende, Shubham Parchand, K. S. Rambhad, P. P. Shingare, A. SridharVolume 4: Issue 4, Dec 2017, pp 84-87

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.4.4.20171026
Abstract - This paper presents an overview of the new cost-effective edge trimming processes of extra portion melamine impregnated paper on edges which is laminated on wooden particle board used for making modern furniture and other existing edge trimming processes which are widely used in short cycle lamination press (pre-lamination press). The development and implementation of new edge trimming methods for removing excess paper are expected to result in significant cost saving, improved product quality, reduction in scratches and time saving.

Index terms - MDF Board, melamine impregnated paper, short cycle laminating line, short cycle lamination press machine, trimming.
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