Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Automatic Telescopic Mount

[Gaurav V. Bhawde, Akshay Kadam, David Lobo, Roshan Gawade, Shardul Mhatre] Volume 5: Issue 1, March 2018, pp 8-12

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.1.5.20180306
Abstract- The major advantage of the project is the ease with which a celestial body may be tracked in the night sky. This gives us access to proper imaging and exploring new systems in the night sky. The telescope has an 8’ aperture .This is achieved by attachment of worm-worm gear arrangement mounted of the shafts of the RA and Dec axes of the telescopic mount. To this a controlling system using PLC programmed with PLC language is used which is controlled by using an HMI. The project aims to have high accuracy and precision in object tracking. A Nema 23 Stepper motor with a 4.25 reduction gearbox has been selected. This arrangement is controlled by a 24V SMPS and 48V DC power supply. The project is economically affordable thus making it more available to the local enthusiasts.

Index Terms – Equatorial Mount, RA and Dec axis, PLC, HMI, Nema 23 Motor, SMPS, gearbox, Celestial
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