Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Operated Juice Extract Machine

[S. D. Bhalekar, Akshay Dalwai, Tukaram Dalavi, Tushar Dahale, Abhishek Birajdar] Volume 6: Issue 2, May 2019, pp  106 - 109

DOI: 10.26706/IJAEFEA.2.6.20190407

Abstract A juice extractor machine is develop for an extracting a juice from the fruit as well as vegetable. Machine is develop to minimize the human effort and improving the performance of product. The machine is to be operated with an minimum manual interaction and avoid complexity. The process is to be continuous and juice extracted without any toxicity. The convectional machine operated with manually having more uncomfortable for an operator. The juice is collected without any wastage and seeds. The machine is to be constructed with an automation which is helpful to improve efficiency. the electric supply is to be needed for operate the is possible to run a machine for an high production rate with minimum duration of time which is highly impossible with old juice extractor. The development of the machine is required an electric motor and casting element such as hopper for feeding fruits and supporting the helical screw. The frame of the machine is fabricated with the help of mild steel.

Index terms - construction, extraction, fabrication, performance
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