Aim and Scope

International Journal of Analytical, Experimental and Finite Element Analysis publishes research papers describing the various analyses over engineering components and related studies.
Every researcher goes through different analysis to empower their conclusion by the specific result. The papers based on various analysis techniques in all domain of mechanical engineering are welcome for publication in journal. The analyses are related to structural analysis, vibration analysis, fluid analysis, thermal analysis, dynamic analysis, electrical analysis, computational analysis etc. Emphasis is placed on the experimental investigation and finite element analysis over engineering components using standard analyzing equipment/tool/software. The use of a case-study based approach is also encouraged.
Its scope will include the following topics:

  1. Mathematical formulation and modeling
  2. Computer aided modeling
  3. Experimental analysis
  4. Finite element analysis
  5. Applied Mechanics
  6. Automotive Engineering
  7. Computer aided manufacturing
  8. Composite and Smart Materials
  9. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
  10. Heat and Mass Transfer
  11. Industrial and Systems Engineering
  12. Machinery and Machine Design
  13. Manufacturing and Production Processes
  14. Material Science and Processing
  15. Mechanical Power Engineering
  16. Production Technology
  17. Robotic Automation and Control
  18. Solid Mechanics
  19. System Dynamics and Simulation

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