Analysis of Elliptical Shape Composite Spring Mounting

Kalpesh Sahebrao Sonawane and P. J. Ambhore,
Volume 7: Issue 2, July 2020, pp 28-36

Author's Information
Kalpesh Sahebrao Sonawane1 
Corresponding Author
1Department of Mechanical Engineering, G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

P. J. Ambhore2
2Department of Mechanical Engineering, G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Research Article -- Peer Reviewed
Published online – 30 July 2020

Open Access article under Creative Commons License

Cite this article – Kalpesh Sahebrao Sonawane and P. J. Ambhore, “Analysis of Elliptical Shape Composite Spring Mounting”, International Journal of Analytical, Experimental and Finite Element Analysis, RAME Publishers, vol. 7, issue 2, pp. 28-36, July 2020.

A motor mounting is an application segment that interfaces the motor section to the machine edge of unit. Motor is connected with the machine body by a few mounts, which are significant for smooth activity of use. A motor mount is utilized to confine body from vibration during working and motor created commotion varying sorts of mounts are use in apparatus and vehicles. Varying kinds of mounts are use in apparatus and vehicles. Elastomeric mount are minimal effort and least complex kind of mounts, they smother motor power/torque and vibrations through cooling. An elastomeric mount can give the predetermined solidness to the reverberation control and stun retention; however elastic damping in low frequencies isn't adequate. Circular shape spring mounting might be a vibration and stun isolator planned explicitly for back mounted motor applications and is reasonable to watch the apparatus client against stun and vibration in back held application like motor sprayers, trimmers and expresses. Material chose for spring is SS304 (from 0.3 ~ 0.8mm) thickness and polymer material as support in spring. The two materials are resistant to consumption and work productively under wide choice of temperature. Essential structure utilizes high pliable hardened stainless-steel SS304 framed leaves on all sides with the polymer sheet of 6mm thickness. Unigraphics Nx-8.0 is used for 3D modeling and Analysis of component and meshing is completed with the help of Ansys work Bench16.0.
Index Terms:-
Force/torque, polymer, SS304, Unigraphics Nx-8.0, Ansys Work-Bench 16.0
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