Classroom Surveillance System Based on ZigBee Technology

Rahul W. Hatwar, Suruchi Amte
Volume 1: Issue 1, Jan 2014, pp 25-28

Author's Information
Rahul W. Hatwar1 
Corresponding Author

Suruchi Amte2

Technical Article -- Peer Reviewed
Published online – 30 Dec 2013

Open Access article under Creative Commons License

Cite this article – Rahul W. Hatwar, Suruchi Amte “Classroom Surveillance System Based on ZigBee Technology”, International Journal of Analytical, Experimental and Finite Element Analysis, RAME Publishers, vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 25-28, Jan 2014.

This paper introduces a classroom surveillance system based on wireless standard. This system consists of a network device working as transmitter with some interfacing buttons and a coordinator working as receiving module with display. The network device transmits the information through wireless sensor network by ZigBee module structure which uses IEEE’S standard named 802.15.4. After getting the input of ongoing lectures detail the receiver will beep a buzzer and will display the information on LED screen. The results of output shows that the system can satisfy the need of automated surveillance of ongoing lectures.
Index Terms:-
Electrospinning, Nano structures, PVB, Silver nitrate, Wound Dressing material.
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