Optimization for Process Parameter of MIG Welding For Stainless Steel (SS-304) and Mild Steel Using Taguchi and ANOVA Method

Shalaka A. Mahajan, Er. N. K. Patil
Volume 3: Issue 3, Dec 2016, pp 57-61

Author's Information
Shalaka A. Mahajan1 
Corresponding Author
1Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSBT College of Engineering, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India

Er. N. K. Patil2
2Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSBT College of Engineering, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India

Reserch Article -- Peer Reviewed
Published online – 30 December 2016

Open Access article under Creative Commons License

Cite this article – Shalaka A. Mahajan, Er. N. K. Patil, “Optimization for Process Parameter of MIG Welding For Stainless Steel (SS-304) and Mild Steel Using Taguchi and ANOVA Method”, International Journal of Analytical, Experimental and Finite Element Analysis, RAME Publishers, vol. 3, issue 3, pp. 57-61, Dec 2016.

Metal inert gas welding (MIG) is a gas welding process used in industries for various purposes. Apart from its application in industry it plays a very crucial role in the production of aerospace and aerodynamic structures. MIG welding is one of the modern and advanced methods used for joining two dissimilar materials. The aim of this research project is to determine the influence of various welding parameters. The two metals stainless steel SS304 and mild steel are join by MIG welding process. The parameters of MIG welding are optimized using Taguchi method. Nine experimental runs (L9) based on an orthogonal array Taguchi method were performed. This project presents the effect of welding parameters like welding speed, welding current and welding voltage. The ultimate tensile strength is calculated on UTM machine. The most significant factor and predicted optimal parameter setting is obtained by applying the ANOVA and signal to noise ratio (S/N ratio). Experiment with optimized parameter setting, is giving valid results. The confirmation test is conducted and found that results are closer to the optimized results. These results showed the successful correlation between experimental and statistical techniques.
Index Terms:-
MIG welding, optimization, orthogonal array, S/N ratio
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